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Why agro residue...

The world is producing 1 billion tons of agro residue per year and there is a rising need to cater for this residue. We at Green Whisper are committed to reuse the agro residue and create premium quality clothes that are sustainable throughout the process from farm to the customer. Recycling the agro residue serves four purposes.

Firstly, the agricultural residue no longer needs to be dumped or burnt which eliminates the landfill burden and the illegally burnt pollution.

Secondly, the farmer recycles the agriculture residue using the Green Whisper process, thus recieving an additional income and creating new local employment. 

Thirdly, the residue left from the Green Whisper process is used as a chemical free fertilizer for the next season.

Finally, the customer gets a premium quality product that is 100% biodegradable and whose raw material has zero impact on the environment.

Why Banana tree fibre...


Banana is one of the most common fruits in the world. The banana tree only  fruits  once. When the banana fruit is fully ripe on the tree it is the end of the life of the tree. This is why the tree is cut down after every harvest season thus generating agricultural residue in the form of a banana plant stem. This pseudostem  is of no use after the banana fruit is harvested. The ratio of banana plant residue and product is 2:1.


We extract banana fibre from the pseduostem by a simple process that has extremely low carbon, energy and water usage. 

The manufacturing of the Green Whisper fabric is totally chemical free and does not alter the molecular chemistry of the original fibre, which we believe is unique in the textile industry. 

The fabric has unique qualities and can be used to manufacture a wide range of textile-based products. 

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